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Fitness Instructors



liz dolby p.t.

 I started working out as a member in 1986 and in 1998 was able to purchase the facility along with my business partner Jeff Anderson. You’ll see me all around the Body Shoppe, either teaching classes or treating patients at OPT.  I teach all forms of fitness classes ie: step, hi-lo, weight lifting. I love to teach classes because I love to watch people develop and maximize their fitness potential that they thought they’d never had. 
By purchasing the Body Shoppe, I have been able to develop and institute our fitness class program which I continue to “hand pick” and help train our instructors. Being a physical therapist enables me to make sure all instructors give you a safe, non-threatening and a great workout.
Fitness has always been a big part of my life as a form of wellness and stress relief. You will see me in all different forms of fitness whether it be walking, jogging, snowshoeing, golfing, or going to classes at the Body Shoppe.

jeff anderson p.t.

I’ve always felt the benefit of having a Health Club membership was to keep me motivated to keep fit.  Starting as a swimmer I soon found out that cross training was the way to keep me well rounded physically.  My interests involve swimming, biking and occasional running. Mostly I love to see my patients improve physically and mentally and slip into long term healthy patterns. By my involvement with the Body Shoppe, we have been able to expand its medical orientation with on site physical therapy, massage, and personal trainers ensuring every member has a solid and medically sound program and support. Look for me indoor cycling and running through late (usually).

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